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As a teacher in digital arts, my primary goal of teaching is to cultivate and stimulate students’ own creativity, facilitate them to build self-confidence, actualize their creative potentials in art and design making, and lay a solid foundation for students to become a well-rounded professional in the future. I focus on developing a practical and challenging learning experience for my students which helps them get prepared for careers or advanced study.

I strive to create a classroom setting where students have ample opportunities to explore visual ideas while acquiring technical and formal knowledge specific to their area of study. Since my arrival at Eastern, I have diligently made my contributions to the enrichment of our program’s curriculum by adding new course materials, developing new courses and researching the technologies suitable for our students’ learning.

The teaching assignments and projects I designed help students better understand visual expression in its many diverse forms and realize the vast potential of art beyond mere techniques and media. I also encourage interdisciplinary endeavors and seek possible collaboration opportunities for my students which nurture their Liberal Arts learning.