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ART 412 Web Design II

Above: DA&D website designed/developed by the student team–Jaime Piscitello, Sarah Dugay and Sarah Gambardella.

The emphasis of this course is to build up students’ constructional web design thinking through professional practices. In Fall 2018, as a major project, my students developed the Digital Art & Design program website ( which serves as a recruiting tool and showcases our most recent student artwork and progress at Eastern. The project was dedicated to build connections between concepts being taught and professional real-world implementation. The students were challenged during the entire working which helped them to grow in many aspects, from research and project management to deploying appropriate techniques and improving trouble shooting skills. Through learning the ways to apply front-end web design knowledge to a real-world project, students were motivated to experiment and explore ideas and create a fresh and professional image for our program. The student teams developed several website options and the final was chosen by DA&D faculty members.