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The Windham Project Map App

Interactive Design

I directed one of my Independent Study students, Matthew Vitello, to develop the interactive map app for the Windham Project. The Windham Project was a collaborative project between Eastern Connecticut State University and the Town of Windham. As the Windham Project featured over twenty artists in the public art exhibition held in downtown Willimantic, CT, Professor Gail Gelburd who founded the project in 2015 discussed with me how to create a more efficient way to guide the viewers to each thriving art scene that artists presented. Aiming this goal, Matthew Vitello, our New Media Studies senior designed a map app that indicates viewer's current location, provides street info, controls the zoom level, and pinpoints the locations of all the artworks and parking nearby. This map app is embedded in the Windham Project official website and can also work alone in various devices. By scanning the QR code, viewers can access this map and find the directions they need on the go. Matthew also designed a poster to promote this creation and the copies of this poster were displayed on campus.