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Logo Design

I introduced a community-based project into my Art 329 Graphic Design II class. The project was logo design for the Town of Windham Human Services Department Senior Center, which strives to provide seniors with a place to remain healthy and active through participation in recreational, educational and leisure activities. My class created various design options and the Visual Arts student, Mackenzie Williams’ work was chosen by the senior center as the final design. Working on this project, my students experienced the process in which they apply graphic design knowledge and skills to the real-world practice. And this process helped them get a further understanding of the class topics––logo and visual identity design. It successfully brought the students’ attention to the core concept of logo creation––visually presenting who the clients are and what they do. Staff from senior center, Mary Demarco, Director of Human Services, Kate Cox, Activities Coordinator and one of the senior members, Judy Holiday visited the class and also joined the students’ presentation by the end of this project. The Art 329 Graphic Design II is a Junior level class. Infusing community-based project experience to this level students would greatly benefit their further studies, especially when they take Art 432 Eastern Design Group, one of the DA&D capstone courses, in which community-based project are mainly conducted.