Linoleum Relief, Single Color
1. Materials Needed
Please assemble your materials before beginning this tutorial.
  1. Linoleum
  2. Lino Tool
  3. Pencil
  4. Sketch Book (bigger than your linoleum)
  5. Sharpie
  6. Relief Press
  7. Printing Ink (any color)
  8. Ink Roller (Brayer)
  9. Ink Knife
  10. Piece of Plexiglass/Glass
  11. Printmaking Paper (Reeves, Canson, any kind)
  12. Tear Bar for Paper
  13. Scrap Paper (bigger than your linoleum)
  14. Vegetable Oil
  15. Simple Green
  16. Tin Foil
  17. Paper Towels
Each number corresponds to the similarly-numbered picture to the right for visual reference.
2. Preparing the Plate: Drawing, Transferring, & Tracing
1. Trace the outline of your linoleum piece onto your sketchbook

2. Draw what you want your design to look like inside the traced outline with a pencil. The darker the marks made,
the better.

3. Put your drawing down on the press & place the linoleum face-down over the sketch

4. Run both drawing & linoleum through the press. This should transfer the graphite drawing to your plate

5. Trace over the marks in Sharpie. This makes sure it won't smudge.
3. Cutting the Design (& the Paper)
1. Cut out the Sharpie marks on your plate. You can get different widths of cuts by using the 5 different heads of your lino tool.**

Do not be afraid of turning your plate or moving around it to get the best angle to cut.

**Please see the Tips & Tricks section below for some helpful information before starting this process!

2. Measure the dimensions of your plate and add an inch to all sides. Measure out your printmaking paper to those dimensions and tear it with the tear bar.
4. Inking & Printing the Plate
1. Squeeze out some ink from the tube onto either a counter or the plexiglas/glass piece.

2. Take your brayer and roll it in a thin section of ink, coating the entire roller.

3. Roll the brayer over your plate, covering it in ink. Now ink it again in the opposite direction (90 degree turn).

4. Place your scrap paper down on the press, then your plate. Place your printing paper centered over the plate, & then another piece of scrap paper.

5. Roll it through the press, & gently peel the paper off of your plate!
5. Clean Up
1. Scrape up any extra ink and put it in tin foil to save for later. Fold it tightly.

2.Pour vegetable oil over your ink and roll your brayer (and ink knife) through it to start cleaning it and your surface off. Use paper towels to wipe up most of the color from brayer, ink knife, and surface.

2. Then pray Simple Green on the three things and use more paper towel to wipe them off. They should look like they did before we inked.

3. Use the same technique to clean off your plate (and the press roller if you accidentally got some on it).
Tips & Tricks
Relief Printing
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